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The Long Road Ahead Chords

"The Long Road Ahead"
(feat. Tom Morello & Eleanor Whitmore)

Capo 1

[Intro Riff]
Am / F / C

[Verse 1]
Am                F
Mother may bell's in a a quiet hell.
I hear a gun and a heart and slay bells.
Am                  F               
I'd say things have changed quite a bit,
Since I was young and mother didn't give a shhh.
Am               F
I can't be saved it's too late,
But with a little help I might concentrate,
Am             F
Long enough to start believing 
just to make sure your still breathing.
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G               C
No time for the broken hearted,
F                  C
Got to finish just what we started.
G                       C
The only promise to the pour departed,
F                    C
Is that they wind up dead.
G               C
Just as sure as holy violence,
F             C
We start our songs in silence,
G                      C
Were all looking for a little guidance
F                  C
Down the long road ahead

[Intro Riff]

[Verse 2] 
Am                    F
There's a cold breeze through city streets,
Blows leaves like dreams neath busy feet 
Am                   F
Then somewhere in an easy chair.
Somebody's momma cry, cause baby ain't there.
Am        F
My baby's so lazy 
like to sit around, drive me crazy.


[Bridge/Guitar Solo]
Em / Em / F / F / Em / Em / C / C / FMaj7 / FMaj7 / C / C / FMaj7 / FMaj7 / 

[Chorus, Riff Out]

Tabbed by @ryancollier