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Black Ribbons Chords

Tuned down full step (D-G-C-F-A-D)
Chord names not adjusted to tune change (G is actually an F, etc)


G                                  Em
Broke down at the end of the night
Can't seem to get anything right
So numb I can't feel things anymore
Somehow could feel me letting go
C              D              
I know there's so many things
G                       Em
That I need to do and I need to say
C                   G
No matter how hard I try
I can't get the words out right


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Man down, tie a ribbon around my soul
Em                      C
I'm in the black and I'm out of control
Like a ship that's lost in the night
C                    D
With no direction or guiding light
Man down and I'm drowning in the pain
Em               C
Face down like a needle in the vein
You're the only thing that keeps me sane
C                            D               G
But somehow I can't keep you out of my rain
                          Em    C
I see you standing in the rain


The lights in the city feel so bright
All these colors I've got inside
And in these streets I feel like a foreigner
All I paint is myself in a corner

Going on seems to hurt so much
All the world seems so cold to the touch
When I go to sleep I don't dream
I just see a blank television screen




Tie a ribbon for the child in me
On every door and on every tree
Make it black for the way that I feel
'Cause black is the only color that's real