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Date: Tue,  9 Dec 97 16:14:26 -0600
From: paTRICK heSTER 
Subject: PRO: Lazybone by Shonen Knife

title:           LAZYBONE
artist:          Shonen Knife
                 (the u-u-ultra eccentric super cult punk pop band)
CD:              (Secret No.) 712
written by:      Nancy Yamano
transcribed by:  paTRICK heSTER -
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[A] I don't want to get [D] up [G] early in the [D] mor [A] ning
[D} I wanna [C] sleep all [A] day
[A] I don't want to ride [D] a [G] crowded [D] sub [A] way
[D] I wanna [C] go by [A] car

{boc} play as bar chords on the 7th and 5th fret

	[E] You don't need to be [B] sere [E] ous
	[D] You don't need to be [A] wal [D] rus
	[E] You don't need to be [B] ner [E] vous
	[D] You don't need [A] to be the [D] eh [C] egg [A] man
	[D] ah [C] ha [A] ha

[A] I don't want to work [D] a [G] boring [D] jo-[A]-ob
[D] I wanna [C] play all [A] day
[A] I don't want to flat [D] ter [G] silly [D] peo [A] ple
[D] I want to [C] kick them [A] out

{repeat first verse}
{chorus + }
	[D] ah [C] ha [A] ha
	[D] ah [C] ha