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Ln Dont Stop Here Anymore Chords

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From: Ugo Piomelli 

{title: The L&N don't stop here anymore}
{st:Jean Ritchie}

W[Em]hen I was a c[D]urly-headed ba[Em]by
My daddy set me d[D]own on his kn[Em]ee
Saying ``Son you go to sch[D]ool, you learn your le[Em]tters
Don't you be[C] no dusty mi[D]ner, boy like m[Em]e''
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        I was bo[D]rn and raised at the mouth of the Hazard Ho[Em]ller
        Where the co[D]al carts rolled and rumbled past my d[Em]oor
        But now they stand in a ru[D]sty row of all em[Em]pties
        Because the L[C]&N don't st[D]op here an[Em]ymore
I used to think my father was a black man		
With scrip enough to buy the company store		
But now he goes to town with empty pockets		
And his face is as white as the February snow		


Never thought I'd live to lean to love the coaldust	
Never thought I'd pray to hear those temples roar	
But God I wish the grass would turn to money		
And then them greenbacks would fill my pockets once more


Last night I dreamed I went down to the office		
To get my payday like I done before			
But them old kudzu vines was covering the doorway	
And there was leaves and grass growing up through the floor


# Submitted to the archives
# by Ugo Piomelli 
# 7 November 1992