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Save Me Chords

This is my first tab, and i am still learning, and im not to familiar with the chord names,
So bare with me, and if u can help me please do.

Us and Them
Save Me

The Main chords are B, D, A2, G, and Gb

b2         D
I've got a candle,

A2        G   Gb
and i've got a spoon.

b2           D              A2
I live in a hallway with no doors,

G      Gb
and no rooms.

b2        D
Under the windowsill,

A2            G    Gb
They all were found,

b2                  D
A touch of concrete within the doorway

A2        G    Gb
without a sound.

b2              C# or Db
Someone Save me if you can,

A2            G        Gb
and take away all these Pills.
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b2                     C# or Db
and please just save me if you can,

         A2       G              Gb
From the blasphemy in my wasteland.

b2 D A2 G Gb


How did i get here
and what went wrong
Couldnt handle forgiveness
Now i'm far beyond gone

I can hardly remember
the look of my own eyes
How can i love this, a life so dishonest


Second time after chorus play

b2 C# or Db A2 G Gb


b2   D
Jump in the water

A2     G     Gb
Jump in with me

b2   D
Jump on the alter

A2      G       Gb
Lay down with me

b2          D        A2      G
the hardest question to answer

is Why.



End:  b2 D A2 G Gb