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Call Me Tab

Tuning: C# F# B E G# C#


C# -----------------------------------|
F# -0--0-----0--0----0--0-------------|
B  -----2-0------2-0-----2-0----0-2-0-|
E  ---2--------2-------2------2-------|
G# ------------------0--------0-------|
C# -0--------3------------------------|


Am            C            G                  D
 I've said it so many times; I would change my ways. No, nevermind.

Am             C
 God knows I've tried.


Em         G       C         D      Em           G                C
 Call me a sinner, call me a saint. Tell me it's over, I'll still love you
the same.
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Em              G         C           D      Em           G                C
 Call me you're favorite, call me the worst. Tell me it's over, I don't want
you to hurt.

      Em       D        G  Em        D     Em
 It's all that I can say, so I'll be on my way.  [Play the intro]


Em                         G                             D
 I'll always keep you inside, you healed my heart and my life.

    Am          C
And you know I tried  [CHORUS]


C# -----------------------|
F# -----------------3-----|
B  -----------------2-----|
E  -9---7---5---4---0---2-|
G# -7---5---3---2-------2-|
C# -7---5---3---2-------0-|