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Neighbourhood Chords

Ally McBeal – Neighbourhood
By. Vonda Shepard

(opening solo)
Here the photo i've been looking for
It's a picture of the boy next door
And i loved him more than words could say
F#m                              D7
Never knew it until he moved away
G                      A7
Faded pictures in my scrapbook
F#m                          Bm          Bm7
Just thought id take one more look
G                        A7
And recall when we were all
D		    A7
In the neighbourhood  yea yea yea yea….
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Here's a photo of the neighbourhood      D
There's the corner where we stood        F#m
Here's a snapshot of Dad's old car       D         
Never got us very far                    F#m   D7

Faded pictures in my scrapbook            G    A7
Just thought i'd take one more look       F#m  Bm  Bm7
And recall when we were all               G    A
In the neighborhood                       D    D7

G             F#m
And all those friends         
		Bm        Bm7                    
Where did they go?    Oh i dont know
G             F#m                Em
And all those friends we used to know
A7……        *knockx2        D	       (ending Solo).. ends with D..
Oh oh oh….           in the neighbourhood

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