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Well Banjamin Chords

      G D C Em G D    C
Well, Ben     -     jamin,
C                        D
 you crashed your plane again -
   G               Em
 a beautiful tailspin.
         G        D     C     Em
It was going to happen soon enough,
             G         Em
the only question was when,
        C                   D
 because I could smell the flames
    G               Em
 sleeping on your skin.
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C                  G
I love you for the things you do,
        Em                C
 and I don't care who you do them to.
                             G             D
 You can wrap your stupid suffering around me.
           C                      G
'cause I thought it out, in the time I've got,
         Em              C
 and I don't care if I drown or not:
                       G                  D
I just want to crash into that same cold sea.

it's pretty much the same throughout the rest of the song... except:

on the G when he sings " beauiful tailspin" and "question was when" and "sleeping on 
skin" (get my drift?), the g chord is played like this:

g-0-0-0-0-------------------.)    then the Em chord.
d-0-0-0-0-------------------.)          (regular g twice, then two times with the 2 fret on the
a-2-2-2-2        6th string-.)

i hope i didnt explain that part too confusing. you can always just use a regular G 
 well it sounds really good, have fun with this!