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My Good Deed Chords

My Good Deed
Winged Life

  G                            Bm   
I tried to save a girl I truly loved
                             Em (E F# G A)
And didn't quite know how to help her
   G                                      Bm 
So now she's sleeping as her parents up above
                                Em (E F# G A)
Cry over things that they can't tell her
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And when I did my good deed
              Bm            Em
I thought I'd feel unbroken gladness
But standing in the street alone
  Bm                Em
I just felt sinking sadness

           C               G    
Girl, your dad will not us bless
        Bm               Em
So hang up your veil and dress
        C               G
Look at me and take one guess
           Bm               D
Where this best-intentioned love will lead us

And repeat this for the rest of the song.