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Johnny Viola Chords

Artist: Shearwater
Song: Jhonny Viola
Album: Palo Santo

Am C/G F Am/E D E

             Am       C/G        F
If you could ring the sky like a bell
     Am/E   D                 E
Even such a sound would never suffice
             Am       C/G          F
If you could bang the world like a drum
         Am/E  D          E
It would only show it was hollow inside

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         Am B  C      Dm   E  F            Am    B  C/G
And your loooove, it slips behind a little clouuuuud
         Dm       E  F
And your eyes are veiled
          Am    B  C          Dm     E     F      E    D      
Is there a medical term for a heart that's been removed?

Same chords for verse 2 and chorus 2.

Am C/G F Am/E

Horn solo:
Am C/G F Am/E D E

       Am  B C Dm       E   F
And as loooove departs your life
     Am  B   C          Dm        F
Like silvery birds that leave the coast
     Am       B  C        Dm     E F      E     D    
Your eyes are as wild and lifeless as the moon

Hope you like it, great song!