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Hail Mary Chords

C C4 Bb

    Gm                  Eb
Oh hail Mary, full of death
Bb                      C C4
Sing me a bitter song
    Eb                C C4
As dark as the day is long
         Bb           F        C
And as black as your eyes are wild
          Gm                        Eb        Bb                C C4
While the hail from the blackened cloud is raking the firmament
     Eb                 C C4
Destroying our argument
           Bb          F      C
About the temperature and the time
Dm          Gm     C
Wild and unbroken

C C4 Bb
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    Gm                 Eb   Bb                  C C4
We lay like a wounded lamb, facing a billygoat
       Eb                      C C4
Bowed down in our heavy coats
          Bb            F               C
Under the force and the threat of his eyes
        Gm                     Eb
And we march in our rows and rows
Bb                   C C4
Under a burning hand
Eb                                  C C4
Past the scars of the wounded land
         Eb           Bb             C
Into a country of thorns and spines
Dm          Gm     C C4
Wild and unbroken

    Gm           C 
Oh, God save the chamberlain
    Gm             C 
Oh, God save his appointed successor
    Gm             C      Eb       F                C
But God saved his hardest face for you and all your kind
That's what's troubling me

Gm Eb Bb C C4 Eb C C4 Bb F C

Gm                  Eb
Hail Mary, sick and proud
And holding aloft the light
           Eb                           C C4
That would burn through a heaving night
         Eb       Bb       C
And then leave us upon the rocks
Gm                             Eb
And the child who is nearly born
Bb                         C C4
Waits just to do you harm
Eb                             C C4
Like the shock of a broken arm
     Bb              F             C
Or a love that would burn you blind
Wild and unbroken 

C C4 Bb