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Maximum Decay Chords

'Maximum Decay' by She Likes To Wrestle
(transcribed by OJ Turner)
(Come on! Play this bleak tirade against scum such as Loose Cannon!)

Fsharp  F          Fsharp F        Fsharp
You are loose, you mean nothing to me,
       F       Fsharp  F      Fsharp (let ring)
You're here, again boredom is rife.
    F              Fsharp
Variation does not exist,
    F                Fsharp
Mediocrity strangles you,
     F               Fsharp
With nothing more to use,
And everythings wasted.

Fsharp    E5         A5        Ab5          Fsharp E          
Break the ground, I won't. You think you're going to
(same chords for rest of chorus)
Live and breathe. I will not be mistaken.

Turn me round and feel the maximum decay.

Don't pay to be in an airtight room.

(2nd verse = same chords as first verse)
Twisted thoughts, 

No cure, no hope.

Nothing exists of worth

Walk downstairs in a bleak room again,

The evenings dark again,

With nothing more to use,

And everythings wasted

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(mid-section) (seems to speed up somewhat!)
C                          A
Listen to my Gods and feel disgust today,
C                              Bmin
Nothings ever bland enough for you.
C                               A
Listen to your Gods and feel disgust again.
        C                                   Bmin
There's something missing - need to work it out.
C                A                  C                 Bmin
My Gods they are always here whilst all your Gods are dead.
C                A                C                Bmin
Give me, give me something more, something else instead


(then you play the first half of the mid-section, i.e. Listen to... up until it out. Substitute the second half lyrics for these)

I think of my Gods as I dance inside a fishbowl,

Thinking, thinking what to say:

"Fuck your rock 'n' roll!"

For a truly accurate rendition, you must plug a keyboard into a
4 Track, and at the end of the song, turn the trim up to FULL!
You must also obtain feedback from a Peavey Practice Amp which must
be situated next the the Hi-Fi and 4 Track in the singer's room in
Manchester. If you wish to do an acoustic version, it will sound really
boring, as the drum machine and the keyboards are the fulcrums around
which this band revolve. Indeed, I FORBID you from doing an acoustic 
version. I hope those sensible people enjoy playin' ma sawng! Yea!


There! An accurate transcription once more! I'm getting really good
at working out the She Likes To Wrestle songs! I'm gonna go and work
out 'TV Sound' soon!

Much love,