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Coming Home Chords

"Coming Home"

By: Shawna Edwards
Transcribed by" Paul Stranieri - Thanks Shawna!

Capo 3 Key F

D Em7 D G A

  D                            Bm
A hundred paths that lead to a thousand broken dreams
  G                                   A
a million ways to trade your soul for lesser things
    D                       Bm
the only path I see that is paved with love and peace
    G                                 A
the one true way that leads to him is everything I need
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      D                   Em7
He is hope when a journey begins
He is strength in the wind
                    G             A
He is faith when my courage wears thin
      D                       Em7
He is rest when I'm weary and worn
                         F#m7        Bm
He's the place where I'm loved and I know
       G         D         Em7          A         D    Em7
When I come unto Christ it feels like I'm coming home...

  D                               Bm
A hundred thoughts to share and a thousand whispered prayers
  G                                 A
a million ways to feel His love and know He's there
   D                          Bm
so trusting I will go whether long or hard the road
     G                                 A
that He will walk each step with me is all I need to know

Repeat Chorus

  A                         G
I won't waste a day chasing trinkets and noise
       D                          Em7      A
I will walk in His light and hear only His voice

Repeat Chorus
       D           A      D
Coming Home - I am coming home...