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Without You Chords

Capo 3

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G         D/F#     Em7     D/F#
And sometimes a man
G         D/F#              Em7         D/F#
Would ask everything and take it away
G         D/F#     Em7     D/F#
Before he realizes
G         D/F#               Em7       D/F#
Just how good heís got it made
G         D/F#     Em7     D/F#
And please thankful
G            D/F#                    Em7                   D/F#
Of what you got cause if your not it just might pass you on by
G            D/F#                    Em7                   D/F#
And you will find yourself standiní there
G         D/F#             Em7            D/F#
Oh, asking the question: ďwhy?Ē


C2              D 
And what would I do
G       D/F#      Em7
If I did not have you
C2               D
And what would I say
G          D/F#        Em7
If I had no one to say it to
Yes, I would be
D                  G
Oh, lonely, without you

Same as verse 1

And I donít know how long Iíll be around
Iím traveliní from town to town
And let me take a moment and release
Just how I feel inside
And all my friends itís been rough
Oh, and I love you all so
And no matter where I go
Itís in my heart, Iíll hold you close