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Hey everyone, this is my first tab, but I'm 100% sure that its right.

Capo on 3 (not really necessary)

You only use 4 different chords in this entire song
     1    2    3    4
E ---------------------|
B ---------------------|
G --12----11-----------|
D --12----12---10---12-|
A --10----10---10---12-|
E -------------8 ---10-|
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ALright well now all you do is pick each chord with thumb/pointer/middle fingers, and u 
it then slap (X = slap)


E -------------------------------------|
B -------------------------------------|
G --12---X----11--X--------------------|
D --12---X----12--X----10--X----12---X-|
A --10---X----10--X----10--X----12---X-|
E ---------------------8 --X----10---X-|

Now just continue that rhythm through the entire song, and yes it is that easy, but 
have fun w/ this one, Enjoy!