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Shine Chords

Shine (by Shannon Noll)

Verse 1:
Get up, get out, get out, get out and lift your head
Come on, come on, get up out of bed
D/G         C2                         Gaug/C 
Today's the day you hold the world with your song
Go now, go now, go now, help escalate
Angels come down, help with this parade
Bm7           C2 
To hear your voice ring out
Dsus4                 D
Come on and shout it, Let your song be heard 

G     D/F#    Em7       D       C
  This is the time This is the day 
That we've been waiting for
Am7                Dsus4             G    C/G  D/G  C/G              
All the world will stop to watch you shine 
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Verse 2:
Hey now, hey now, hey now, hey now sing your hymn
This is the new national anthem
D/G         C2               Gaug/C 
We will all stand on guard to let you be heard
Let go, let go, let go all that can ask
How beautiful this world has become
Bm7      C2                Dsus4
Now everyone will see what I believe
That these words should be sung 
A7/C#   C2      G   (D/G - G) 
  And   if you fall
A7/C#   C2     G   (D/G - G) 
  And   if you fall
A7/C#   C2               
  And   if you trust and then 
C2               G - D/F# - Em - D - C -G/B - Am7 - D 
Yes it will come true