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Redneck Love Gone Bad Chords


Do this riff before each verse.  Or listen to the song and go from that.

E          A                E
She....... had trailer park charm
E          A                      E
He........ carved her name in his arm
A                    D        A        E
Then he slept with a waitress from the bar
     E   A                   E
Then she took a chain to his car
              C                        Bb
And broke the windows on the love they had,
now it's redneck love gone bad

E  A                E
He got all liquored up
E     A               E
Tried to hot-wire her truck
A                      D      A      E
The next thing he knew he was seeing stars
          E                A              E
While her daddy kicked him all around the yard
C                    Bb
Oh what a night they had,
redneck love gone bad
[ Tab from: ]
A                     D           A
'round and 'round the blue lights go
A                       D            A             E
everybody’s smokin’ and watchin’ the show but it’s over now
        A                     D       A
There's twenty three versions of this story
A                      D          A   E
some say her love just drove that boy insane
       A       E
But to me it’s plain
Redneck love gone bad

E    A                     E
He’s going with her mother now
E                       A                       E
Every Friday night they see them cruise through town
A                 D   A   E
A few months back she ran away
E                   A     E
With a truck driver named Jose
      C                 Bb
She's happy and he’s so glad
for redneck love gone bad

A                     D       A
'round and 'round the stories go
A                        D            A
everybody’s laughin’ and watchin’ the show
E                   A             E
But Ooooooh that is unless you’ve had
Redneck love gone bad

E        =       022100
A        =       x02220
D        =       xx0232
C        =       x32010
Bb       =       x1333x