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Amneris Letter Chords

Db  Bbm  Db  Bbm 
    Db                       Ab/C 
I'm sorry for everything I've said 
        Gb/Bb                     Ab/C 
And for anything I forgot to say too 
     Db                   Ab 
When things get so complicated 
  Gb                       Ab 
I stumble, at best, muddle through 
  Gb                               Db/Ab 
I wish that our lives could be simple 
        Eb/G                    Ab  Ab/Bb  Ab/C 
I don't want the world,   only you 
  Db                          Ab/C 
I wish I could tell you this face to face 
            Bbm                    Eb
But there's never the time,    never the place 
        Db                  Ab 
So this letter will have to do 
Gb Gbm   Db 
I  love  you
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