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This is the First song i have ever written.
It is brillant.
Thanks Josh Ritter for inspiring me.


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I have a dog named spot
I loved it very much 
But one spring mornin when the sky was soft and blue it chased down a car and never returned
Am                                                     A
I loved my mom 
I loved her very much
But she diseaperred, left me all alone, someone took her away from me.
Am                                A
I loved this Girl very much, She had pretty blonde hair
I loved her very much.
but one day, i found her in bed with a another guy, she tryed to say sorry but nothin could be.

Am                                         A

Life has been alright to me
I lived life to see what could be
But, all of what i have come to  see hasn't been fortunate to thee
Am                                 A