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Teach Me To Dance Chords

     Am       C           E7              Am
The water is rising, the tide is getting high
Dm       E                Am
All the memories passing by
     Am         C        E7               Am
The rain keeps falling, keeps on pouring down
Dm     E            Am  | Am | Dm | E | Am
Everywhere I look around

Yes the tide was high, made the river roll
It was out of control
It was passing through, heading me and you
Just passing through
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    C         G        F
     Take my hand and teach me to dance
             G            Am
     How to dance in the rain
   C         G               F
     All I know, there will be other times
                G            Am
     Where you just need a friend
   Em                    Am 
     And the thunder is rolling
   Em                     Am 
     Will the storm ever pass
   Em                 Am
     Well I won't be waiting
   Dm      E              Am  | Am | Dm | E | Am
     Come teach me - to dance

I’ve never seen - the river run so high
No moment in my life
Everywhere I look all over this town
There's water on the ground

     Take my hand…..

There will be a day when the sun shine again
Where we go back again
The tears are gone, no clouds on the sky
The ground it is dry

     Take my hand…..