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You Said Chords

G     [320033]  (in verses only, hammer [300033] to [320033])
D     [x00232]  (sometimes [x00233])
Em7   [022033]
C     [x32010]  (sometimes [x32033])
D/F#  [200232]

Capo 2, all chords relative to capo
Intro. and fill: G, D,  Em7 , D/F#;  G, D, Em7, C

Verse 1:

G     D      Em7         C      G         D  Em7  C
  You said, "Ask and you will receive, whatever you need."
G     D      Em7           D/F#            G   D                Em7     
  You said, "Pray and I?ll hear from heaven, and I?ll heal your land."

(Play fill 2x)

Verse 2:
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G     D      Em7              C            G  D               Em7  C
  You said, "Your glory will fill the earth, like water in the sea."
G     D      Em7           D/F#     G          D          Em7        D
  You said, "Lift up your eyes, the harvest is here, your kingdom is near,"

           G       D             Em7        C         G   D
You said, "Ask and I?ll give the nations to you,"  Oh Lord
           Em7       D   
That?s the cry of my heart,
G       D              Em7          C         G    D
Distant shores and the islands will see, Your light, 

      Em7      C
as it rises on earth.

(Song repeats)