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Psalm 118 Chords & Tabs

Shane And Shane Chords & Tabs

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Psalm 118 Tab

Capo 1 (everything relative to capo)

Main Riff: Do this 2 times


On the 3rd time


Intro: D/F#  G  D/F#  G   D/F#  A  D

Verse: (repeat intro chords)

D/F#                 G
  Give thanks to the Lord
          D/F#  G
For He is good
    D/F#   A        D
His love endures forever

  He is my strength
And He's my song
His love endures forever
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  I will proclaim
What He has done
His love endures forever

F            G                     F
I will enter and give thanks to Him
F           G                            F
  This holy gate, the righteous may enter
F        G
  I will give You thanks
You answered me
    G      A    Bm
You are my salvation

Bm            A                G F#sus F#
  This is the day the Lord has made
Bm          A           G F#sus F#
  I will rejoice and be glad in it

Last chorus:
Bm   A  G F#sus F#
Bm   A  G          A           Bm
Glad.... I will be glad.... in it

Tabbed by; Ben "The Man" Muir