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Holiday Chords

Hello! These chords are as accurate as I could get, but E/G# is interchangeable with 
Emaj7, and the Dmaj7 can be played by simply placing your index finger on the 5th string, 
1st fret. Hope it works for you. Thanks & happy holidays!

Am (fingerpicked) - Dmaj7 - G7 - D/F# - E/G#
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 F   G     E/G# (or Emaj7)
You are my holiday
 F   G   E/G#                    (pick E-E-D-D-C-C-B-B)
You are right in the middle of me
 F   G     E/G#
You are my hideaway
 F   G   Am
You are home

Iím calling out your name
Oh my holiday
D/F#              E/G#
You make my heart new
And I love you!
What it is Iím trying to say
                G7     D/F#   E/G#
Is you are my favorite part of me

Guitar riff:
F - G - E/G# - Am - F - G - E/G# (repeat)