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Arise Chords

A:    x07650
D9:   x04230
Dm9:  x03230
FM7:  x03210
G6/9: x05430
A7:   x07050
EM7/G#:  4x2430
Am7sus4: 5x553x
Dsus4:   x5403x
G/B:     7x57xx

[Verse 1]
A-Asus4   A-Asus4
arise and awaken
      D9    Dm9
he is king
he is king
A-Asus4         A-Asus4
arise, my soul awaken
             D9       Dm9
all flesh is grass
surely fading
[ Tab from: ]
   FM7            G6/9          A
oh soon, it's all gone, we fly away
   FM7        G6/9
oh soon it's gone it's gone
   A                 A7
oh you are the maker life sustainer
D9                   Dm9
everything comes and everything goes
     A                   A7

when you give the word of mercy o lord
D9        Dm9
satisfy, you and i

[Verse 2]
arise my soul awaken
that i might see
and be happy all my days
how long will there be mourning
return to us
return to us

FM7                   EM7/G#
teach me to number my days
the most 80 years
who cares about meaningless things
FM7              EM7/G#
i do i care about r-2
i care about yahoo
                G/B              A
things that are fleeting fading away
(A)        A7
awaken my soul
          D9    Dm9
awaken my soul