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Wake And Break Chords

Wake and break
by Shamanic illness

I'm starting
With no doubt
E5          D / D#5
Observe me
I turn the page
Of your life
E5          D / D#5
On tape B

H5                    G5        E5 
I feel your pain and it's like mine 
D    D#5 
You scream
H5                    G5    E5 
Already dead but you don't feel 
D    D#5 
Your seam

We're running
We coming out
We're waiting
We growing up
Inside of me
We're ready
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You’re wasting moments of your life 
In vain
Please take my hand and follow me 

E                 C#
Walking near the ocean of your dreams 
E                 C#
Keep on hiding the reasons of your sin 
D                 H
Wake up! It's time to swim against the flow
D                 H
Break down! You cannot stand it any more
G5    E5    D5    D#5
Contagion, cruel

E5 / C5 / D5 / D#5 x2

You run fast
You trip up
But's too late
Please hurry up
The turn closed
Interrupted fate

Your lighthouse blind
But you don't mind
No course
Surrender now
It's silly thing
You’re lost

Falling, screwing