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Underneath Your Clothes Chords

hey guys. just thought i had a better tab to this song. it might not be any better but
its worth giving it to you anyway. thanx.


Em      D     C              Am         Em
You're a song written by the hands of God

Em          D
Don't get me wrong cause

C                   Am
This might sound to you a bit odd

Em       D      C
But you own the place

D                        G  Em
Where all my thoughts go hiding
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C                     Am
And right under your clothes

D               G
Is where I find them


G    D           C    
Underneath your clothes

There's an endless story

G            D      C
There's the man i chose

There's my territory

   Em               Am
Of all the things i deserve 

    D                        G
For being such a good girl Honey

*The rest of the song uses the same chords*