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Poems To A Horse Chords

Poems to a horse by Shakira. This is a hot song and its easy to play.
by D. Bailey

Intro (guitar version of the horns) : Am G C, C F Am

Am                  C
You're too far to bring you close
G            Em
Too high to see below
Am           C/G      G/C    Em/F
Just hanging on your daily dose
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F                          Am
You keep on aiming for the top
And quit before you sweat a drop
Fill your empty brain
With your hydroponic pot
You start of playing with yourself
You get more fun within your shell
G                                  Am
Nice to meet you but I gotta go my way

Am    C/G   G/C                   F          Am
I'll leave again cause i've been waiting in vain
            C     G         F
But you're so in love with yourself
Am    G               C                   F       Am
If I say my heart is sore, sounds like a cheap metaphor
Am    C       F          Am
So I won't repeat it no more

The rest of the songs have the same chords. Have fun.