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Dont Bother Chords

Don't Bother 
By: Shakira

Tabbed By Angel H
October 15, 2005

Chorus: G D Am C Cm
Verse: em C Am C

em                                                                 C
She's got the kind of look that defies gravity.

Am            			C
She's the perfect cook, and she's fat-free.

She's been to private school, and she speaks 

perfect French. She's got her perfect friends,

oh, isn't she cool.

em					C
She practices Tai Chi, she'd never lose her nerve.

Am				              C
She's more than you deserve, oh she's just far

better than me, hey hey.
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G	 D                        Am     C       	                            	
So don't bother, I won't die of deception.

G              D                         Am     C			     
Promise you won't ever see me cry.

G              D                         Am     C
So don't bother, I'll be fine, but she's waiting.

G              D                          Am     C
The ring you gave to her will lose it's shine.

So don't bother, be unkind.

I bet she doesn't know how to touch you like I would.

I beat her at that one good, don't you think so?

She's almost six feet tall, she must think I'm a flea.

I'm really a cat, you see, and this is not my last life at all.