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Shadow Gallery - Vow
from Room V (2005)
Transcribed by Cory (, October 2012
Standard tuning

 A   Bb/A  G/A   A  Asus    Amaj9       Bb/A  F/A    G/A
-0----0-0---0-- -0-0-----0----7-7--5----0--0--0---0--0--0---|
-5----6-6---3-- -5-5-----5----5-5--5----6--6--10--10/12-12--|
-6----7-7---4-- -6-6-7-7-6----6-6--6----7--7--10--10/12-12--|
-7----8-8---5-- -7-7-----7----7-7--7----8--8--10--10/12-12--|
-0----0-0---0-- -0-------0----0-0--0----0--0--0---0--0--0---|
--------------- --------------------------------------------|

 A   Bb/A  G/A   A  Asus      Aadd9     Bb C  Bb  G/A
-0----0-0---0-- -0-0-----0----7-7--5----0--0--0----0--|
-5----6-6---3-- -5-5-----5----5-5--5----6--8--6----3--|
-6----7-7---4-- -6-6-7-7-6----6-6--6----7--9--7----4--|
-7----8-8---5-- -7-7-----7----7-7--7----8--10-8----5--|
-0----0-0---0-- -0-------0----0-0--0----0--0--0----0--|
--------------- --------------------------------------|

 A  Dm/A
A                   Dm/A
Early morn I was up long before dawn
A                                    Dm/A
I watched you sleep, I counted every beat of your heart
A           Dm/A                             A
Now we both know we'll never go back there again
Guilty as charged that's all

Dm     C            Gsus
Fallen snow - cover me
        G              Dm
Wash me pure - Hold me tight
          C                 Gsus        G
What else is there left for you and for me?
Bb       Bb(b5)             C           Csus    A7sus  D
The life we once held on to caught in a riptide out to sea

D                                Bb          C
I left with innocent eyes  to  a nation  so  poor
I felt  humanity  cry  from  the ravage  of  war
I infiltrated the machine and it broke me in two
I wish for  amnesty  now  and  I find it in  you
            Gm9  Asus  Bb  C
I make this vow

Gm9  Asus  Bb  C

|: A  Dm/A  :|
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A                              Dm/A
The road to this place under a thundering sky
       A                   Dm/A
It's a long walk to heaven Lord knows I've tried
A                Dm/A                          A
Just look around wind and snow and ice are all I see
         Dm/A   F/A  G/A
Save for you my queen

Dm       C
Pounding rhythms
Distant footsteps
     G                  Dm
Echo fear, And drive my pain
     C              G            F     C
I am crying out for love and for life eternal
Dm   C
I am witness
          Gsus          G
I've been purchased with blood
So many souls will burn out
C                    A7sus
The call requires an answer

D                                        Bb               C
I've chased  material  gain  it's  the   emptiest         dream
I've watched it turn back to dust and it don't  mean  a   thing
The spirit found its  way  in  and  it   changed my whole life
I'm  off-er-ing  you  my  hope  with the gift  of  this   light
                 Gm9  Asus  Bb  C
Please take this vow

| Gm9 A | Bb C  |
| Bb    | Dm    | F  Eb | Bb    |
| G Dm  | G Dm  | Bb F  | Gsus  |
| Bb F  | Gsus  | Dsus D|

A                   Dm/A
Let's pack away all our memories of home
A                         Dm/A
Never look back Certainly never return
A          Dm/A                        A
Begin anew you and I and snow and wind and ice
Will you surrender all your all to me?

D                                               Bb           C
And  in   the   comfort  of  my   arms   both   noble  and   strong
I'll guide you safely through the storms I will make you my  song
Remaining    steady    and    true    for  the  rest of your life
I    offer    you    up    my    hand  want to  make you my  wife, Please take this vow

D                                               Bb                C
A   passion   purer   than   gold  or  the      night's brightest star   (brightest star)
My   love  for   you   only   grows It knows    no     earthly    bounds (earthly bounds)
The   time  is  right  for  us   now   just     believe   what I  say    (what I say)

D                                 Bb
I take your hand in my hand And I promise you the world (Promise you the world)
Promise you the world
            Gm9  Asus  Bb  C
I make this vow
                 Gm9  Asus  Bb  C
Please take this vow

|: Gm9  Asus  Bb  C :|