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Crystalline Dream Chords

Cm	       G#                           Cm                         Bb
Hold onto these Memories I grant you The gifts of our lives Lost in the sands of time 
Cm	       G#                       Cm                         Bb
Deserts forever Relentlessly barren I crossed them all In the blink of an eye 
Cm	                      G#                           
I command light and solar winds To transport me 
Cm                         Bb
The deepest assurance I speak with my mind 
Cm	       G#                           Cm              Bb
carves of glass Shatter before me The wheels are in motion Forever they turn 
    G#                            G                  E            F#
And are carved in the great book of life 

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Cm	          G#                 Cm                               Bb
There in your room Alone in the shadows I smashed down the walls And set you free 
Cm	       G#                           Cm                         Bb
I carry the torch That trembles the mountains Seen visions of power Beyond all belief 
Cm	            G#                     Cm                         Bb
You close your eyes I reach out and touch you Reflections in pools The deepest of dreams  
Cm	       G#                     Cm                               Bb
Rumors of war Rage in your heart now The wheels are in motion Together we turn them 
    G#                         G               E            F#
And forever they turn in your way

G#m	      E                  Bsus2            F#
Come down with fire I want to love you want to take you into my heart 
G#m                  E
We'll cruise the starways 
                    Bsus2                                   F#
And from the moment that we touch our love turns into a crystalline dream 
G#m                  E
Fly where your dreams go 
   Bsus2               F#                     G#m                  E
With open eyes it's the dawn and you're alive No time or space here 
       Bsus2                              F#		E      F#   E
I walk in castles of gold Our love turns into a crystalline dream