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Oh How Happy Chords

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A #12 hit in the summer of '66 for the Shades of Blue:

                             "Oh How Happy"
                 (Charles Hatcher, a.k.a. Edwin Starr)


	A       Bm/A
	/ / / /  / / / /  [4X; glockenspiel enters 3rd time]


	Oh, how happy
	 D  C#m   Bm  A
	You have made me
	D       C#m
	Oh, how happy
	Bm            A
	You have made me

Verse 1:
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	         A         Bm/A    A        Bm/A
	I have kissed your lips a thousand times
	           A               Bm/A          A        Bm/A
	And more times than I can count I have called you mine
	 A               Bm/A       A      Bm/A
	You have stood by me in my darkest hour, and

[repeat chorus, 2X]

Verse 2 (shorter than verse 1):

	In our years together, we have had stormy weather
	But our love has been so strong that somehow we've carried on

[repeat chorus]


	F#m                            E
	Girl, you brought joy to my delight
	F#m                                        E
	And all that was wrong, you have made it right
	F#m         G         A
	And I love,   I love,   I love you

[repeat chorus]


	(Oh, how happy) oh, how happy
	(Oh, how happy) oh, how happy
	(Oh, how happy) you.....

	  A       Bm/A  A
	(You have made me) you have made me  [repeat to fade]

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers