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The First Lady Of Delaware Chords

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Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 10:59:33 EDT
From: UltraLemon 
Subject: s/seymores/

artist: the seymores
song: the first lady of delaware
album: treat her like a showcat
written by: the seymores
transcribed by: bRad Snyder (
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[D]  [G]  [Em]
[D] Met her on [G] top of a [Em] mountain
[D] Wonder what she [G] thinks of [Em] me
[D] No one was im-[G] pressed with the[Em]handshake of the governor of
[D] And everybody's [G] gotta have a [Em] first lady
[D] First place first [G] state a first [Em] first delaware
[D] And I may not [G] live in the same [Em] state outside the toll gate to

[A] And sometimes I wonder well if [B] you were ten years [D] younger where
[A] We might meet

The [D] first [G] lady of [Em] delaware
[D] Won't you take your [G] picture with [Em]me
[D] Climb inside a [G] photo booth at the [Em] mothership outside of delaware

Well she [D] came [G] from the hills of [Em] carolina, carolina
[D] But something [G] happened along the [Em] way
[D] Somehow she [G] meet this guy and [Em] he became the governor of deleware

*(repeat pre-chorus)*

*(repeat chorus)*

solo thing that Joe plays over verses and choruses:
B-    7     7  10  7
G- 7    7               9