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The Buses Are Running Chords

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Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 01:20:44 EDT
From: UltraLemon 
Subject: s/seymores/

artist: the seymores
song: the busesare running
album: treat her like a showcat
* on some of the other post I accidentally called the album "treat her like a
polecat" but it's showcat. sorry*
written by: the seymores
transcribed by: bRad Snyder (
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the first two verses and choruses are played on piano but you can play it on
guitar like this.

[A] Echo the streetlights [C#m] slowing down my life [B] snow is fallin'
[A] What's in the window [C#m] making me feel low [A] someone is calling

The [C] buses are run-[Em]ning [C] they shake my [F] house

[A] Under a street light the [C#m] boy finds a micronot the [B] smile broadens
[A] Takes to his feet they're [C#m] watching the sidewalk 
[B] dodging the earthwinds 

*(repeat chorus)

[A5]  [C#5]  [B]  [D]
[A5] I like your plastic your [C#5] right behind you 
I've [B] seen all your faces I [D] picked all your fumes
I [A] wait in the station it's [C#5] closing time 
The [B] man in the window [D] starts to unwind

*(repeat chorus)*