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Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 10:00:23 EDT
Subject: s/seymores/

artist: the seymores
song: sidewinder
album: piedmont
written by: Joe Nio, David Fera, Steven Pletch, & E.J. Herczyk
transcribed by: (bRad Snyder} (

[C6]   [E6]   [F6]    [A6]
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[C6] You were insane [E6] prisoner on a train
You could [F6] laugh but never blame this one on [C6] me
[C6] And now that you are real [E6] nothing to conseal
I [F6] guess it could be most any-[C6] one
[C6] And who is your dad your [E6] story is so sad
Sometimes [F6] good is only bad out of [C6] time
[C6] This doesn't rhyme I [E6] hope your satisfied
With your [F6] ignorant and blind juven-[C6] ile mind

[C5]  [G5]  [F5] Because you can't come 
[C5] down [G5]  [F5] To a teenage clown
[C5]  [G5]  [F5]  Well you just might grow
[C5]  [G5]  [F5]  But I just don't know
[C] I just don't know

[C5]  [D5]  [E5]  [F5]  [E5]  [D5]  (it repeats 4x)