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From: UltraLemon 
Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 16:28:09 EDT
Subject: s/seymores/

artist: the seymores
song: polecat
album: treat her like a showcat
written by: Joe Nio, David Fera, Stephen Pletch, & Tony Ammendolia
transcribed by: bRad Snyder (

[E5]  [D5]  [E5]  [D5]
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[B5] Saw you by the [A5] door [E5] pushed you out into the world
[B5] Left you all [A5] alone without a [E5] friend
[B5] Shackles hold you [A5] well [E5] paradise you lost was hell
[B5] Some-[A5] thing [E5] wrong
[E5]   [D5]
[B5] Broke your life in [A5] two [E5] raised a glass and toasted you
[B5] Conversation [A5] empty as your [E5] embrace
[B5] Words I can't [A5] describe [E5] rush to you and hurt your pride
[B5] Some-[A5] thing [E5] wrong

[D5] I don't [A5] wanted you [D5] I never wanted [A5] two
[D5] I never [A5] wanted [B5] you
[D5] I besiege [A5] you [D5] I never wanted [A5] you
[D5] I don't be-[A5] lieve in [B5] you

[B5] Lipstick fade [A5] away [E5] images are clear again
[B5] Dance upon the [A5] shadows in your [E5] room
[B5] Close enough but [A5] not too close [E5] worlds behind believe in most
[B5] Some-[A5] thing [E5] wrong

*(repeat chorus)*

[B5]  [A5] (x4)

guitar solo over verse:

[E5]  [D5]  [B5]