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Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 11:19:16 EDT
From: UltraLemon 
Subject: s/seymores/
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artist: the seymores
song: aft to foward
album: treat her like a showcat
written by: Joe Nio, David Fera, Stephen Pletch, & Tony Ammendolia
transcribed by: bRad Snyder (

D- 2  3
A- 3  3

[C] And you know must be-[C/F] lieve in
[C] And it's over much to [C/F] soon

Said jump back [C] kiss yourself good-[G] bye leave in [C] silence leave in
[C9] silence

[C] And you know we must be [C/F] going
[C] And it's over much too [C/F] soon

Said drive on [C] driver drive a-[G] way leave the [C] gas out leave the [C9]
gas out
It must be a [C] must to deal with [Am] trust

outtro: *same as verse*