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Here With You Chords

Here With You

Verse 1: 

C                    Em                      F                   (G) end
Well I've been beat and I've been laughed at
And I've been drug through streets of pain
And I've had people turn their back on me
I have been called every name
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And I've felt loneliness and hunger
And I felt helpless and betrayed
And all the hurtful things you've done to me
You know my love has never changed


C                    Em                   F           Am    G
You drove the nails through my hand
I never gave up on you
You placed the thorns on my head
But I'm right here with you
I'm here with you

Verse 2:

Well I took the sting of torture
So you wouldn't feel the pain
Well I was nailed upon a cross for you
And child I'd do it all again