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Date: Tue, 21 May 1996 21:20:41 -0400
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     Band: 7 Mary 3
     Song: Waters Edge
     Album: American Standard
     Tuning: I guess its normal tuning (sounds normal at least)

       Transcibed by: S.Helmick '96

	There's not too many 7M3 songs on this thing so here's one
I took the liberty of Tabbing for all your poor 7M3 fans. I can =

safely assume the timing's a bit off, but all of the notes are here,
SO DON'T COMPLAIN.  E-me any mistakes at:

Oh and print it out on _N_O_T_E_P_A_D_ or it will mess up.

This is the intro riff and it's used in the verse too.


This is the chorus riff/chord progression thingy. First play it
on guit:2 in conjunction with guit:1 playing the verse riff.
Then go back to the verse riff alone and when he starts singin
"I can't go down..." stop the verse and play the chorus.


[ Tab from: ]
  And then later a slight variation.
        "to stop  to stop  to stop  to stop
         this     from     happening-------
       There's some scale in the backgrouond
       and when it changes to "this from happening"
       go wild on the chords.

And at the end of the song there's this part.
     "I swear!"           =

  D:|---5xxx-7xxx-7xxx-9xxx-7xxx-7xxx--| (Repeat until end)

           Just listen to the song, you'll figure it out.


Don't go there
I heard her say
You can't stomach what you're gonna see.
It's down there
by the Water's Edge
Wasted and bloated and waiting for someone else.
It's funny how
things turn out
when you're tied to the teeth and mouth
The sound of fury   =

a shot of pain
There was no real reason   =

no gain

 I can't go down to the water's edge
 I didn't do it. I saw who did
 Don't go down to the water's edge
 They did it once, they can do it again.

It ain't no secret to me
how she got there, down by the stream
'cause I seen her a minute before
The van pulled up and opened the door. =

(all my love)
I can't say a single word
about what I saw of her
'cause her killers got their friends in familiar places.
I tell you man.

 I can't go down to the water's edge
 I didn't do it. I saw who did.
 Don't go down to the water's edge.
 They did it once, they can do it again.

This ain't no fucking game
And I'm feelin so ashamed  =

'cause I didn't do anything =

I didn't do anything
to stop
to stop
to stop
to stop
from! =

I didn't do!

 Don't go down to the water's edge. Your safe with me.
 I didn't do it but I saw who did you see.
 Don't go down to the water's edge.
 They did it once they can do it again.

I swear I swear I swear I swear =

I didn't do a thing
I should of done something.

    \\\\ It's kinda long but it's the WHOLE SONG
         so if anybody finds anything missing
         just E-it to me:
         I also have the tab for My My and lotsa other bands.