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                            Water's Edge
                             by 7 Mary 3

                         Tabbed by John McInnis

    I Don't know if this is exactly right, but it sounds pretty close.  
    Sorry, I don't really know the words except for the chorus.

   Em            C         G 

        This repeats most of the song.  The chorus just uses the same 

      Em        C             G
       I went   down to the   water's edge
     Em                   C           G
       I didn't do it     but I saw    who did.

    You'll have to listen to the song to get the rythm - it's easy, 
you'll figure it out.  That's all I picked up on the radio.  Somebody 
that knows more will probably come correct me, anyway. 

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How do I upload something? When I go to the incoming folder, there's no
upload button! I want to upload a song to the site and I've attached it with
this letter. Please help me out here!

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"Water's Edge" - 7 mary 3
Transcribed by Bassel Korkor

Hey, this is my first posting. Sorry if it blows.
It's a simple Em-C-D riff for the intro and verses:
  Em       C      D        =

G-------0------0------0--    =

D-----2------0------0----   He just repeats that riff thru out the verses=

A---2------3------5------   and uses it continuously when he's not playin=
E-0----------------------   the chourus. At some points, like in b/n vers=
es =

                            without a chourus, he strums Em-C-D a couple =

Here's the part I'm not exactly sure about, but's it's close enough:
The chourus is also an E-C-D (Kick in the distortion)
  a           C             D
A-2-x-2-------3-------------5------------------------- Just repeat that
E-0-x-0----------------------------------------------- a few times. =

   I can't go down  to the water's edge!
Lyrics: =

Don't go there I heard her say
Can't stomach what you're gonna see
It's down there at the water's edge
Wasted and bloated and waiting for someone else
It's funny how these things come about
When you're tired, you're teeth and mouth
The sound of fury the shot of pain
There was no real reason, no gain.
I can't go down to the water's edge!
I didn't do it, I saw who did.
Down go down to the water's edge!
The did it once and they can do it again.
It ain't no secret to me
How she got there down by the stream
'Cuz I seen her a minute before
The van pulled up and opened the door.
(All my love)
I can't say a single word
About what I saw first
'Cuz her killers- they got their friends in familiar places
I tell you, man...
I can't go down to the water's edge!
I didn't do it, I saw who did
Don't go down to the water's edge!
They did it once and they can do it again.
This ain't no fucking game
And I'm feeling so ashamed
'Cuz I didn't do anything
I didn't do anything
To stop, To stop, To stop, To stop
This from happening
I didn't do ANYTHING!
"Don't go down to the water's edge," They said to me
I didn't do it, but I saw who did, you see
Don't go down to the water's edge
They did it once and they can do it again...
I didn't do a thing, I should have done something.

That's about it. No solo in this masterpiece.
P.S. If anyone can get "Sister" by the Nixons downloaded, E-Mail me ASAP
     at 'Bassel' Thanks!=