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Butterfly Tab

Song: Butterfly
Artist: Seven Day Jesus
CD: Seven Day Jesus

Intro:  Db--Ab--Bm--Fm--F#--Db--Ab--F#

Verse I
Bbm                F#		         Db		  Ab   F#	       Bbm          F#	              
     You see me,   it's not me.  There's something underneath my skin.  I want to tear it off of
 Db               Ab      F#        (Repeat the same) 
me and show the beauty that's within...

Db		 Ab		         Bbm       Fm		               F#	  Bbm
I want to be a butterfly, flying in the sky, with you today.  I want to lose this old cocoon.
  Fm            F#            Db    Ab    F#         A--A--B--B
I want to do it soon and fly away........away!
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Verse 2
Bbm	   F#           Db	    Ab           F#           Bbm  	F#	        Db
One time I was crawling up the tree to fall back down again.  This lonely place where I began
	           Ab    F#      Bbm     (Repeat the same)
is not the place I'm   going to end....

A    F#m       Db 			        A          F#m	        Db
The wind is underneath my wings.  It carries me away to my God who makes me see.  When I'm on my 
A	          F#m       Ab
way, I change a little everyday.

Play chorus once

then play this at the end of the chorus:
on high e string:
2  A half-notes
3  sets of G# triplets

chorus....back to normal

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