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Faith Chords


Take a walk I'll hold your hands for now
Bmaj7             Bbm               A
It's happening, it's happening, makes it hard to lose another night
I'll pretend that I'm a man for now
Bmaj7        Bbm              A
It's difficult, it's difficult, to soothe a wounded heart
I'll drink water because my blood has dried
Bmaj7         Bmaj7                 A
It's different, it's different, than anything you've seen or heard
Take a picture, hold that smile forever
Bmaj7            Bbm           A
I'll drink it everyday till it becomes another skin
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Bbm       Bmaj7  F#      A     B     Bbm 
Before you go, give me all of your love
Bbm       Bmaj7  F#         A      B
Before you go I'll give you all of mine
If it makes it easier
A                              G#
If it makes it easier to breathe
E                      G#
Wish it could be easier
F#   A   B 
I can't breathe

Bm7    Cmaj7
Fading away
Bm7        Cmaj7
Faith is a friend
Bm7               Cmaj7
You make it or break it
Em    D    Am    B
*pls note that instruments were tuned A half step down(Eb,Bb,Gb,Db,Ab,Eb)
on the cd so chords written are a semitone lower in concert pitch 

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