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Salt And The Light Chords

This is just for the acoustic guitar parts the piano has the same notes i think 
but a bit different and it plays in different parts. Also it's standard tuning. 
And I'm not sure what all the chords are exactly called but there is a key for them lol.
C# 046644
B 024422
A 002220
F# 244222
E 022100
E* x79977
E** 79900

[Verse 1]

in all our graceful words

without love

they're just a burden from our tongues

the taste remains and without faith

we're still and arms length away
C#                                E*
but somehow we're burning brighter
       A                                                           B
you'll never be more beautiful than today
C#                                         E*
whole-hearted we're open
our madness silent
cause we know when you come
you come in love
[ Tab from: ]
A                                         B
cause love is all we need
i came here with nothing
but i left with everything
 A                                      B
and all the truth you bring
still i came here with nothing
         E                                        A             B 
but I left with everything

[Verse 2]
to be honest
we're older
and life makes us stand in disbelief
are you who you want to be
C#                                  E*
i've learned that its ok
to be broken at your feet
and its where i wanna be where i wanna be


A E** B

A                                           E**                                       B   
your faith is only as strong as the words you speak, speak, speak, speak


That's the end I'm not sure it's exact but it's as close as I can tell. Also the 
timing of the chords might get messed up when I upload it I'm not sure this is the 
first time I'm uploading so good luck God bless.