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Sculpture Garden Chords

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Date: Sun, 10 Mar 1996 15:16:17 -0500
Subject: CRD: Sculpture Garden by Semisonic

MCA.  Transcribed by John Chapman (

Any corrections/edits welcome.  Words in brackets mean 
I'm probably wrong.  Check out Semisonic, consisting of 
Dan Wilson and John Munson from Trip Shakespeare, and 
Jake Slichter ("a percussionist").  First full-length 
CD due out in April.  Email to

Intro:		A     D    Bm    E   (6x, with solo on 
last 2)
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Verse1:	A   D            Bm       E
		Twilight in the sculpture garden
		A       D      Bm       E
		When we walk around the place
		A     D       Bm        E
		Look upon the beautiful secrets
		C#m          F#m
		That all the artists made
		A    D        Bm        E
		How fast the light has faded
		A      D        Bm    E
		Though we still wanna stay
		A     D        Bm           E
		Turn down the noise and the city
		C#m           F#m
		The dark downtown parade
		A  D          A        D     A   D
Chorus:	At night they turn the water on around 
		    E              A     D   Bm    E
		the artwork in the garden
		A     D    Bm    E
		in the garden
Then jam on A/D/Bm/E 2 more times

Verse2:	Midnight in the sculpture garden
		Underneath the cherry moon
		We can make our beautiful secret
		We can join the fabled few
		Starlight in the sculpture garden
		[Red] stainless steel baloon
		[Rose fell] of a million breezes
		I believe the artist knew

Repeat chorus (4x "in the garden", then 4x jam)

Verse3:		Repeat V2 starting at "Starlight", skip 
the last line ("I believe") and continue A/D/Bm/E