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California Chords

This is a semisonic song (i think its called California). 
my first posting (obviously), so bear with me.

Its basically just the G major bar chord, followed by C major, 
Csus4, and back to C again. Here goes.
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                          xxx chords xxx
Strings            Gmajor      Cmajor     Csus4
e                     x           x         x
b                     3           5         6
g                     4           5         5
D                     5           5         5
A                     5           3         3
E                     x           x         x

Just play the Csus4 once and slide the finger on the b string back to
Cmajor. Hope this is making sense. The rythm guitar plays this pattern
all the way through, allthough there are other parts (which i don't have
a clue of how to tab). I'de put the lyrics down if i could remember