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Daydream by John Sebastian
Submitted by bostonbassist July 18th, 2005 

[C]What a day for  a [A7]daydream. [F]what a day for a [G]daydreaming boy.
[C]and I'm lost in a [A7]daydream. [F]dreamin'`bout my [G]bundle of joy.

[F]and even if [F#+]time ain't really [C]on my [A7]side,
[F]it's one of those [F#+]days for takin' a [C]walk out[A7]side,
[F]I'm blowin the [F#+]day to take a [C]walk in the [A7]sun,
[F]and follow my face on somebody's new mowed lawn!.
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[C]I've been having a [A7]sweet dream. [F]I've been dreaming since I [G]woke up today.
[C]It starred me and my [A7]sweet-pea. [F]'Cause she's the one makes me [G]feel this way.

[F]and even if [F#+]time is passin me [C]by a [A7]lie,
[F]I couldn't care [F#+]less about the [C]dues you say I [A7]got to pay,
[F]Tomorrow I'll [F#+]pay the dues for [C]droppin' my [A7]load,
[F]A pie in the face for being a sleepy toad!

Whistle Melody as the Solo:

[F]And you can be [F#+]sure that if you're [C]feeling Al[A7]right,
[F]A daydream will [F#+]last [C]long into the [A7]night,
[F]Tomorrow at [F#+]breakfast you may [C]pick up your [A7]ears,
[F]Or you may be daydreamin' for a thousand years!

[C]What a day for  a [A7]daydream. [F]what a day for a [G]daydreaming boy.
[C]and I'm lost in a [A7]daydream. [F]dreamin'`bout my [G]bundle of joy.

Whistle and FADE AWAY!!!