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Think (let tomorrow be) by Sebadoh


A9        X02200
G9        3X5435     <---------------------.)(Use your thumb for the bass string on
F9        1X3213     <---these two chords--.)
G         355433
Am        577555
Asus4     X02230
A         X02220

I hope those are appropriate names for those chords.  I just play what I hear.

Could I hold on
Or should I hold on to you
Ask I'll tell the truth
There's nothing I should hide
If I move to slow
If you're bored I need to know
Weep to hide inside
To force what I don't feel
   Am               G9
If all we have is a question
F9                        G
There's no hope to find a future
    Am              G9
But something in me cries for you
   F9                  G
It feels too real this time
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I think I love you
Though I don't know what that means
The girl of my dreams
Or a friend that one day leaves
Could I trust this
When I've lied to myself before
Would I do it all again
   G                                 A9
To taste what I've imagined we could be

(Then is stops.  Start up with a Asus4)
(Same as first verse except substitute an A chord for the A9s)

Look what I've become
It's pressure that we feel
In a world of possible
This may not prove real
But could we give enough
Back against the wall
Too close to breath, but too far to fall

(Start using an Am instead of an A now)

All I ever wanted
Was to feel you close to me
And it's sad to feel this resistance
What once before had felt so free

Let tomorrow be
I can't be so impatient
Pushing every answer
When there isn't any question
Let me feel good now
And though this may have to end
I hope I'm always with you
And honestly your friend
I think I love you

During the chorus if you have a friend around who plays guitar you can get them to play the second guitar 
follows the first guitar chords but are triads instead.  Just do the following triads in order.


Am     XXX555
G      XXX787
F      XXX10 10 8
GII    XXX12 12 10

Well that was another Sebadoh song.  Probably my favorite.  It's another sad one which are better than 
Anyway have fun.
Richard Cook

E-Mail me at or   if yo want to talk about Sebadoh.  The cookr one will 
gone after
May since I'm graduating.