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Soul And Fire Chords

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Soul and Fire by Sebadoh


A           X02220
Amaj7       X02120
E					      022100
F#m         244222
D           X00232

You should hold the A with fingers 2,3 and 4 with your index finger holding the G# on the G
string.  That way you can alternate between A and Amaj7 for the beginning of each verse.

A and Amaj7          E
It's all a matter, of soul and fire
E                A
Infatuation, or true desire
A and Amaj7              E
Thrill of discovery,  divine intervention
E                           A
Cruel, cruel change,   the pain of rejection
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F#m							       	D		                        A
As you walk away,  think of all the joy we shared
F#m																       	D															       		A
If you decide you need me,  I'll be wondering if I cared
       E                       E
Not there to sooth your soul,  friend to tender friend
    D                E           A and Amaj7
I think our love is coming to an end

(Then do the chord progression like the first verse, but no words.)

(Same as the first verse)

King persuader, congratulations
We share her heart, bought her soul
Princess confusion, come to me again
Saying goodbye was so much fun

When you walk away, feel the freedom in your heart
There's a joy in letting go, free to find a love apart
When I lose control, I need a kind forgiving friend
I think our love is coming to an end
I know our love is coming to an end

Once again, another cool sad sappy song from Lou.  You know, I really relate to his songs well. 
This is the second one I've done.  The next one will be "Think (let tomorrow bee).
Richard D. Cook

E-Mail me at or   if yo want to talk about Sebadoh.  The cookr
one will be gone after May since I'm graduating.