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From: jspencer@Newbridge.COM (John Spencer)
Subject: CRD: Magnet's Coil, Sebadoh
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 1995 16:36:34 -0400 (EDT)

Magnet's Coil
by Sebadoh, from the album Bakesale
tuning:  all strings 1/2 step down (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb)
chords and lyrics transcribed by John Spencer
(Cutting little tune but pretty irresistable.  Not sure of
all the lyrics.)

        E               G#              A               A
low E---0---0-0---0-0---4---4-4---4-4---5---5-5---5-5---5---5-5---5-5

E              G#     A
I gotta find a way to loosen up
E          B*                      A
I am wound tighter than a magnet's coil
E            G#     A
the longer I try to keep my mouth shut
E                 B              A
the sooner little brain is gonna boil (?)

E               G#           A
and if you turn back just to fuck me up
E            B*                  A
I'll cut you loose and watch you fall
E        G#            A
it feels good, just to bitch about it
E            B             A
scratch that itch until it bleeds

A                            B*
  but I don't really want to lose you
A                             B*
  and I can't play the silent game
A                                B*
  'cause when I talk the silence follows
A                              B*
  you never say what's on your mind

[ Tab from: ]
E      G#       A
if you laugh to see me so defenceless
E              B*              A
I'll know I've made another enemy
E      G#            A
nobody wants another mirror on their views (?)
E              B              A
I guess that's all you are to me

A                            B*
  but I don't really want to lose this
A                       B*
  does it all depend on you?
A                         B*
  it's always personal between us
A                              B*
  you won't say what's on your mind
  what's on your mind
  what's on your mind


  E  0221xx
  G# 4665xx
  A  5776xx
  B  x2444x
  B* 7998xx

...all feedback welcome.
John (

From: "James Eric Spencer" 
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 1996 01:16:02 -0500
Subject: SEBADOH, magnets coil

Magnet's Coil -seBADoh-
By Lou Barlow

I'm not going to include the lyrics to this song because
they've been posted everywhere, ie:Nevada(OLGA).  Anyway
they're not hard to figure out.  This is just an
addition to the Bakesale version posted at OLGA.



  E G?     A  E G? A

   E G?A E B# A


E B# (see above)

Note: Some variations are played in both the verse and
chorus but these are represented in the intro.  So you
should be able to work it out.

Again, listen to the song, rebound single, for timings
and for the number of time each chord is strummed.