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Love Is Stronger Tab

SONG:Love is stronger 
TABBED BY:Alan Coughlan

N.B. capo at second fret
2'S indicate the capoed fret

--7-------2----4---------------7-------2----2---------4--strum the last one a bit

repeat as vocals come in

-----4-------------   then a little fiddly -----4---------------
--2----------------          bit           -2-5---5--2----------

do that three more times

chord names for the verses arent correct
as the capo is on but u get the idea just play them 

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em                fiddly bit em           fiddly bit
I said I dont mind             when I do
em                        g
cause id do any thing for you
em                    fiddly bit em           fiddly bit
id watch us waste away            if you smile
em                       g
and if we lose it all in style
we had styyle

    cadd9                 em7
But im not happy where we are
cadd9                      em7       cadd9  em
but let me blame it on the stars,the words,the moon
love is stronger than the truth

second verse:
same stuff different words


---------16 14--------------------------------
----------------14 16-------------------------
-----------------------14 16------------------

play three times