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Got 2 Luv U Chords

I like providing lyrics so it's easier to recognize the chord changes, but since I don't
know what the lyrics for the verses are I didn't include both but it shouldn't be hard
to pick it up.

The chords are easier to play and maneuver if using a capo. For that just use the
transposing feature and choose "Down [X] Half Steps" and play those chords with the capo on
the [X] fret. So if you want to play with the capo on the third fret (which is actually 
pretty easy), then transpose DOWN 3 half steps and play with those chords.

Song: Got 2 Luv U
Artist: Sean Paul, featuring Alexis Jordan

        Gm        \
Got to love you,   |
        Eb         |
Got to love you,   |X4
        F          |
Got to love you,   |
        Dm         |
Got to love you.  /

   [ Gm / Eb / F / Dm ] X3

   [ Eb / Bb / F / (F) ]

[ Tab from: ]
Eb            Bb                F
I,    I'll do anything I could for ya
      Boy, you're my only.
Eb              Bb               F
I,    I'm gonna flip these beats on ya
      You don't even know me.
Eb          Bb      F                    Gm
    Cause I am, I...I don't even want to fight, fight, fight.
Eb         Bb      F                 (F)
    Said I am, I...I ain't even gonna fight it...





---> BRIDGE:
--->              Gm           F
---> You were the sun, Got me spinning in your orbit.
--->                 Gm              F
---> With nowhere to run,   boy, you got me,   can't ignore it.

      [**CHORUS**] X2


There you go! Enjoy.